Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Camping July Long Weekend

Good Morning!

Well this weekend was fun filled with beach, relaxing, fireplace and lots and lots of marshmallows!

 We went to Alberta Beach, which I haven’t been to since I was a kid.  It was definitely different.  It was really fun though.  We met up with my best friend’s mother and daughter and went to the beach.  They went into the water and I had quality time with her mom. 

Had campfires and ate lots of marshmallows and hot dogs.  We slept a lot.  Maybe too much, because after coming home on Sunday, we were dying for a nap.  It was funny, we wake up, I’d go to the bathroom, then go back to sleep.  Do some stuff for a while then head back for another nap.  Ha Ha.  Too much fresh air.  But we loved it.

We also went garage saling!  Which honestly camping cannot get any better than that!  I got some really cute high heels for $2.00!  Also found a old school Barbie lunch box for 3.20.  I collect lunch boxes and I don’t have a Barbie one, until now J.  I was really excited and pretty darn happy!

We did get one night of rain, but then I dozed off woke up to the sun shining.  It was great.  Sunny the rest of the time.  

Did get waken up at 1 am from the couple stay behind us in another camp site.  Apparently the girl kicked the guy out of the car.  He was pounding on the door and telling her to open up.  I quote (in a really hot accent) “Come on Courtney! Open up! I can’t sleep out here! It is cold! Baby! Come on Baby! Open up” for an ½ hour!  Yes ½ hour.  Until I think she gave it and she opened the door.  They talked (well mostly yelled because I could hear them, even with their windows up.  Then he dumbly gets out of the car again!  After 5 min again he would pound on the door.  For about another 30 minutes.  Until someone told them to “Shut up!”.  My daughter and I just rolled our eyes.  Until FINALLY 3 AM they decided to stop their fighting! I was so tired I barely got any sleep.  Woke up at about 7 and couldn't sleep after that.  Got my daughter up at 8 am and started to pack up.  Got home about 10:30 am which gave us plenty of time to relax before coming back to work today. 

Yesterday was Canada Day, so we decided to just stay home.  Every year for the last 9 years we (me and my daughter) would go to my mom’s in downtown and go to the legislative grounds and have pancake breakfast.  Go back to her place and then nap.  Then go hang out by the water and relax in the sun.  Then go back to her place for dinner and go watch the fireworks.   My brothers would usual join us later on in the day.

So needless to say, I decided to not go yesterday.  Too many memories for me right now.  I did cry yesterday missing her.  It was hard.  I missed her when we went camping. I am sad that she won’t be there ever again with us to come camping and to pack practically her whole house.  It was hard and I missed her a lot.  I just couldn’t go, not yet.

So we stayed home and had a lot of fans on in the house. 
Had a chance to organize my Scentsy stock and put up my many bars that I have.  I will take a better picture once it is more organized.

Oh! I forgot to mention that we got sun burnt! 

Not abnormal for us, but Polly got it bad again this year.  This is what happens when mother nature gives us 2 weeks of rainy weather and BOOM hot sun.  Ha ha.  I was soaking it up.