Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It was great!!!

Well, I did it! And it turned out so good!! I am super excited and I even bought a few more to keep at home if I want some more.  

What am I talking about? The Korma sauce I recently bought.  I didn't know how to cook it, so I asked around.   First I cooked the chicken.  Once that was done I added in my vegetables and seasoning.  I choose broccoli, onions and some salt.  I cooked it together added some water.  Once that was finished I went and added the sauce.  I served it with plain white rice.  It served and ate it.  It was DELICIOUS!  I loved it and happy that I tried something new.  I will definitely have to cook it for my brother when he comes back from out of town.  It was great and I am happy about my turn out.  

I am also very excited that the long weekend is coming soon.  I will be off Monday, because of the weekend.  It is mixed emotions right now.  Mostly because every Canada Day we would spend it at my mom’s place.  We would go downtown and stay at my mom’s apartment and go for pancake breakfast in the morning. Then we would go back to the apartment and sleep for a bit and hit the legislative grounds.  Then at night we would watch the fireworks.  So this year, I am going camping with my daughter. I am changing it up so I do not have to think too much.  We are going to a new location and going to check it out.  Hopefully it turns out good and the weather co-operates.  We will see.  Here is to wishing us luck.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To try Korma Or not to!

As you all may know I am Chilean.  But what some of you don’t know if that I can not eat spicy food.  The minute it touches my mouth it burns like crazy!  So yesterday we went grocery shopping.  I checked out the spicy food aisle and found this.  Korma Sauce.  I got my daughter to Google it and they said it is on the low spectrum of the hot sauces (VERY MILD).  I told my daughter, lets get it and try it out.  So I took check out today, and going to see what I am going to make with it.  I have no idea how to cook it, I have no idea what I’m going to make with it and have NO idea if it will be too spicy for me or even what it will taste like!  If you have any suggestions on how to cook or use this that would be greatly appreciated J.  If not, I have Googled it and found some simple recipes.  So hoping it works out well for us today.  I also told my brother (who is working out of town) that if it turns out good, I will definitely make him some when he is in town.  If not, then we shall never talk about cooking with this product again! Ha Ha


Monday, June 17, 2013


                                                                      Maria Angelica Prat
                                                         November 3, 1953 - May 16, 2013

It has been exactly one month and one day since my mother left us. I can honestly say it has been the saddest times of my life. I didn’t think I could possibly live a life with someone that I loved so much with all my heart and soul. I know I have to continue on, and I know I have to be strong, but do you know how hard it is to do that? Do you know how hard it is to not see someone you see at least once or twice a week and then never see them again? Do you know how hard it is to not talk to someone that you talk to everyday of your life (even 3 times a day)? Do you know how hard it is to want to call your mom up to see if she wants to do something, and realize that her number is no longer in service? Because if you do you would not be the one telling me that I have to continue and to be strong. You would be the one that listens to me and cries with me and feels my sadness. It is so unbelievable hard and I feel like I can’t be strong because I have nothing left to give. I feel like the world has beaten me and I will never be whole again. I can’t say I know how to live my life now, because I don’t. I can’t say I will ever be truly happy again, because I don’t think I ever will be. I may smile, I may laugh and I may seem happy, but deep down inside I am lost, sad and at times feel empty. All I want in my life is to have my mother back. I know it isn’t possible and I know it won’t happen, but I all I can do is want right now, whether it be a want that is impossible, it is what I want.

I am sorry for being selfish, but I think I am entitled to that. I think I have that right. Don’t I?

I just wanted to tell you what I feel from where I stand. I want you to know what I feel every single day for the last months and goodness knows for however many months to follow.

I promise my blog will not be as sad as this post, but I figured I should get back to this blog as it has been a really long time since I posted. Sadly, this is my returning post. Here is to hoping my days get better from here.