Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas of 2009

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! I hope everyone is enjoying Christams with family and friends. Enjoy the family time together and smile as much as you can. I hope everyone got what they wanted from friends/family as well. I got from Ernesto and Jo Jo an areobic stepper for my Wii Fit :) and 2 1/2 men Season two, and a Brittney Fantasy perfume set and from Arturo and Kate and awesome set of make up brushes and a kick a$$ set of makeup and sweet awesome colors. From Santa I got a gift certificate from Ricki's. :) I got alot of stocking stuffers that were full of fun and gags. Thank you Ernesto for the pack of kleenex and I know Polly will make use of her toilet paper again this year :). It was an awesome night and will be opening gifts with my boyfriend and daughter in a bit. Got home today at 3 am so they are still sleeping. You know me, I can go to bed super late or super early and I will always be up by 8 am :) Not sure why, but have been able to since I was a little one. I can't wait to see Polly's face when she opens gifts from Santa and me and her dad. Just the best feeling in the world to see you little angle smile bigger then you think possible.
PS: Tiffany, whatcha get ??

Merry Christmas and lots of love from my family to yours!!!

- Claudia

Monday, December 21, 2009

One more day till holidays.

Yeah, Monday has arrived. Ususally I am saying, Oh great, Monday is here. But I know that I will be off for a while after tomarrow!! I start taking my holidays on Dec 23. First have to take my daughter to her doctors appointment (So, really back to work), and then just catching up on little things we need to make this holiday as wonderful as it can be. I am really excited for Christmas. I love the feeling of going to my dads house. Every time I walk through the front door it is just like it was when I left. It used to be more busy, but when I look in from outside, I see my grandma in the kitchen, my dad walking into the living room, Ernesto sitting on the couch and Arturo in the basement. I just love the smell of food when you walk in. The sound of everyone doing something, or trying to overtalk someone else. It was just like when I was a kid. I look at my house and wonder when it will become alive like that. I love my small family, do not get me wrong. I love the way my daughter peeks her head around the corner when I come home. I love yelling hello to my husband downstairs when I arrive. I love it all. I just hope that one day we move into a bigger house that will be able to be filled with more love and more laughter from more of our children. I love the warmth of Christmas. I love spending time with my family, it being for 1 hour to a whole day. If I didn't have to go home, I would probably stay for as long as I could. But then, I have to go back to reality. And then seeing my mom and spending the time with her with all of us together (which already is a rare occasion). I love to see my mom smile when she sees all of us together smiling and having fun. Okay, enough of this sad stuff. Yeah one more day till my holidays!!!

Sí, lunes ha llegado. Usualmente estoy diciendo, Oh, llego lunes. Pero yo sé que voy a estar en vaccaciones en un dia mas!!! En primer lugar tiene que llevar a mi hija a su cita de médicos (Así que, realmente volver a trabajar), y luego simplemente ponerse al día en pequeñas cosas que tenemos que hacer este día de fiesta tan maravillosa como puede ser. Estoy muy emocionado por Navidad. Me encanta la sensación de ir a la casa de mis papá. Cada vez que entro por la puerta es como lo que era cuando me fui. Solía ser más ocupado, pero cuando miro desde fuera, veo a mi abuela en la cocina, mi papá caminando a la sala, Ernesto sentado en el sofá y Arturo en el sótano. Me encanta el olor de la comida cuando se camina con las de sonido de todo el mundo haciendo algo, o tratando de hablar ensema de otra persona. Es como cuando yo era un niño. Miro a mi casa y me pregunto cuándo se convertirá en vivo así. Amo a mi familia pequeña, no me malinterpreten. Me encanta la forma en que mi hija se asoma la cabeza por la esquina cuando llego a casa. Me gusta gritar saludar a mi marido abajo cuando llegue. Me encanta todo. Sólo espero que algún día nos movemos en una casa más grande que pueda ser llenado con más amor y la risa de más de nuestros hijos. Me encanta el amor de la Navidad. Me encanta pasar tiempo con mi familia, que sea durante 1 hora a un día entero. Si yo no tuviera que ir a casa, probablemente se quedaría durante el tiempo que pude. Pero entonces, tengo que volver a la realidad. Y luego ver a mi mamá y pasar el tiempo con ella con todos nosotros juntos (que ya es una ocasión especial). Me encanta ver la sonrisa de mi mamá cuando vea todos juntos, sonrientes y divertirse. Bueno, basta de estas cosas tristes. Si un día más hasta que mis vacaciones!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday and almost Christmas.

Well, today my boyfriend called and let me know that they announced on the radio that Brittany Murphy died this morning. I was really upset. I had tears in my eyes. Can you actual believe that. Cardiac arrest at the age of 32? I felt so sad. She had some great movies. Clueless, my ulimate favorite movie and Uptown Girls. Sad sad sad. Makes me think of life in general. It is so sad. At 32 years old. Can you imagine? I can't. Geez at 32 I hope to be running around with my two year old twins. But who knows what will happen. So my daughter got he H1N1 shot on Friday and then today breaks out in a fever :( So she has been in bed all day relaxing. And me, just finished up a puzzle, and to my sadness, yet again, I am missing one piece!!!! I wanted to disassemble it but I want to be able to finish it before bagging it up again. See it is a pice puzzle right? But you can see the piece missing!! I'm not putting it away till I find it. It sucks to because it kinda matches the carpet in my basement and I don't see it!! Anyways. that is all I got. I'm sad about Brittany Murphy and sad that I lost my puzzle piece. My life feels sucky right now and I know, I know....It's no big deal. Also, I WANT TO GO SHOPPING!!!!
Bueno, hoy mi novio llamó y me dijo que en la radio dijeron que Brittany Murphy murió esta mañana. Yo estaba muy triste. Yo tenía lágrimas en los ojos. No los pedia crearlo. Tuvo un attaque de corazon y tenia 32 anos. Me sentí muy triste. Había algunas grandes películas. Mi fueron Clueless y Uptown Girls. Triste, triste, triste. Me hace pensar en la vida en general. Es tan triste. A los 32 años de edad. ¿Te imaginas? No puedo. Geez a los 32 años espero estar por ahí con mis dos gemelos años de edad. Pero quién sabe lo que sucederá. Así que mi hija se le disparó H1N1 el viernes y después de hoy estalla en una fiebre: (Así que ella ha estado en cama todo el día acostada. Y yo, acaba de terminar un puzzle, y para mi tristeza, una vez más, me falta uno pieza!! quería ajardarlo, pero quise terminarlo primero. Aqui esta la foto. Pero usted puede ver la pieza que faltaba! Yo no soy de guardarlo hasta me parece. Y tambien el color del puzzle es el mirmo color de alfombra en mi sótano y yo no lo veo! Anyways. Eso es todo lo que tengo. Estoy triste por Brittany Murphy y triste que he perdido mi pieza del puzzle. Mi vida se siente triste ahora y yo sé, lo sé .... No es gran cosa. Además, me quiero ir a comprar !!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Saturday and relationships.

Well, it is Saturday afternoon and I am sitting here eating toasted bread with tea. Watching Judging Amy and my daughter is upstairs cleaning her room. Even if it takes her 3 hours to do it, she is cleaning it. Then we are cleaning bathrooms and the living room. What an awesome time to clean house and relax. Later on going to Cristina's place to watch chick flicks. Life is good. Got another Christmas card yesterday. I love Christmas cards.
So on another note. I was asked to bring a topic up for discussion on my blog. What are people's opinon on people in relationships staying friends with people that are single of the opposite sex?
Me, I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 7 years. We know and love each other very much. We understand each other on many levels. I would raise questions if my spouse was hanging out with random women that he never did talk to before our 7 years...just as I would think he would ask questions if I started hanging out with guys that I just met.
If I had a single friend that is a male or female, at this rate, I know my boyfriend would know about them and me as well. My brother has alot of friends, both male and females. He is in a relationship and his girlfriend knows that some of those friends are girls and that isn't going to stop him from hanging out with any of his friends, no matter thier gender. That is my opinoin.... what is yours?

- Claudia

Bueno, es sábado por la tarde y estoy sentado aquí comiendo pan tostado con té. Viendo un programa que se llama "Judging Amy" y mi hija está arriba, limpiendo su cuarto. Incluso si toma 3 horas hacendlo, lo va limpiar. Despues vama limpiar los baños y la sala de estar. ¡Qué impresionante tiempo de limpiar la casa y relajarse. Más tarde, va a colocar de Cristina para ver películas. La vida es buena. Recibi unas tarjeta de Navidad ayer. Me encanta tarjetas de Navidad. Así que en otra nota, una amiga queria saber si pedia poner una discusion en mi blog. ¿Cuáles son opinon de la gente sobre las personas en relaciones permanecer amigos con las personas que son solteros del sexo opuesto? Yo, que he estado en una relación con mi novio durante 7 años. Conocemos y amamos mucho. Nos entendemos en muchos niveles. Me gustaría plantear preguntas si mi esposo estaba saliendo con mujeres al azar que nunca lo hizo antes de hablar con nuestros 7 años ... igual que yo creo que lo preguntas si empecé a salir con chicos que me acaba de conocer. Si yo tuviera un solo amigo que es un hombre o mujer, a este ritmo, sé que mi novio se sabe acerca de ellos y yo también. Mi hermano tiene un montón de amigos, tanto hombres como mujeres. Él está en una relación y su novia sabe que algunos de esos amigos son niñas y que no va a impedir que salir con alguno de sus amigos, sin importar su género. Esa es mi opinoin .... lo que es tuyo?

- Claudia

Friday, December 18, 2009

This day is sure dragging!!!!

Well, here I am at work, just finished my lunch. I don't know what we are doing today. I know my daughter will be coming to my work after school. The bus ride isn't that long....only about 1 hour and 15 min. It is very suspensful for me though. Whenever she is running behind I start to panick and think, "Is everything ok?". Even though I know everything is fine, you really never know. There are ALOT of wierdo's out there. But yeah, maybe today we will play a game of some sort or watch a movie. I'm in the game playing mode right now. Maybe that will change when I get home. We have alot of board games. Maybe today should be laptop or computer games night so I can do a puzzle!!! Ha ha ha. Not selfish at all huh? I am going to see what the family thinks of that and see how far I can get away with that. Also I have to work out for about 30 minutes and then work my butt off next week when I am on holidays. That shouldn't be hard for me to do. Maybe I'll be able to get in two workouts a day instead of just one!! That would be great. Alright, now I am just boring people to death. Have a good one and hopefully I will write something thoughtful this weekend. Have a great warm and happy Friday afternoon, evening and night.

Bueno, aquí estoy en el trabajo, acaba de terminar mi almuerzo. No sé lo que estamos haciendo hoy. Sé que mi hija va a venir a mi trabajo después de la escuela. El viaje en autobús no es tan largo .... sólo 1 hora y 15 min. Es muy suspensful para mí, sin embargo. Cada vez esta atrasada mi preocupo y pienso, "está bien todo?". Aunque sé que todo está bien, uno nunca sabe. Hay una gran cantidad de locos en este mundo. Pero sí, tal vez hoy vamos a jugar a un juego o ver una película. Estoy en el juego de modo ahora. Tal vez eso va a cambiar cuando llegue a casa. Tenemos un montón de juegos de mesa. Tal vez hoy debe ser un dia de jugar en los computadores para que puedo hacer un puzzle! Ja ja ja. No es egoísta en absoluto ¿eh? Voy a ver lo que la familia piensa. También tengo que ser excersisio para 30 minutos y ser mas la próxima semana cuando estoy de vacaciones. Eso no debería ser difícil para mí. Tal vez yo a pueder ser excersisio dos veses en el dial, una en la manana y una en la tarde. Muy bien, ahora estoy aburrido y no estoy hablando de algo de importancia. Espero que escribio mas durante el fin de semana. Que todos tienen un buen Viernes por la tarde y noche. Nos vemos.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Is a friendship worth saving?

When you see your friends and spend time with them, you understand each and you get to know each other better. But why do you need a reminder of who your real friends are? Why do we friends need to be tested by other friends to know that we care? Isn’t our friendship and the time we spend with you not good enough anymore? I am wondering why we emphasis more on wondering who our true friends are instead of spending time with them. I understand that there is really only so much you can do as a friend to others, but you cannot dwell on wondering who your real friends are. You will know who your true friends are when you need them the most. Those who are there for you with no questions asked are the ones that you want to keep as friends, and the ones that “ummm” and “ahhhh” and have every excuse in the books are the ones that you need to let go of. Don’t get me wrong, it is easier said then done. I have had a lot of friends in my pathetic 20 something years of life, and I have lost some as well. I have those friends that I would do anything and everything for and I have those friends that I love having coffee and chatting with. You choose your friends not your family. And thank god I have the best family in the world. You guys know who they are :) I would love to know everyone's opinion on my discussion. Thank you.

Vale la pena a salvar tu relation con tu amigos?

Cuando que usted veas y gasta tiemp con sus amigos, usted los entienden y los conocen mas y mas. Pero porque piensen que tienes que estar recordando cual son tus mejores amigos? Porque tenemos que probar nuesto relationes? No es suficiente que gastamos timepo juntos? Porque tenemos que emphesar cual son nuestros mejor amigos. Yo entinedo que solament hay un limitada de cosas hacer como un amigo, pero no puede sigir pensando en tonteras. Los amigos que estan alli para usted sin preguntas so los que tu queres por tu lado. Los que tienen excusas a no alludar or estan lleno de “ummm” o “ahhh” son los que no nesistamos en la vida. Yo entiendo que es mas facil a decir esto de que hacerlo. Yo he tenido artas amistaded en mi 20 anos de mi vida, y he perdido arots tambien. Yo tengo esos amigos que yo aria cualquera cosa para, y tengo esos que tomo cafe con. Usted elijes tus amistades no tu familia. Y gracias a dio que yo tengo la mejor familia en el mundo!! Ustes saben quen usted son!! :) Mi encantara a saber sus opiniones en este discusion.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good morning Early bloggers

Hello Everyone, well today is yet another day here in Edmonton. The temperature is getting nicer and I think the snow may be melting soon. But in all reality, we all know that here in Edmonton, the snow will not be melting until April. YEAH MY BIRTHDAY!!
I am here at work, enjoying the company of my co - worker and eating some Lebanese cheesey thing. If you know me, I will eat anything that consists of dough and cheese. Even though it probably isn't the healthiest thing in the world, I'll try it.
Hey, question for everyone. I know that school buses are on a schedule. So why is it that when they are late, they don't do anything about it...but when your child is late, they just LEAVE!! Come on. I can understand that the child should be there at the time it says on the schedule, but if you are early you wait for the time and then leave. I get kids calling my house saying that my daughters bus is waiting. I'm like ok, there is still 3 minutes till she has to be there, it is really a 5 second walk! So how hard is it to wait.. and it is cold and slippery out there!! ARGGH!! That is it for this morning, because it is almost lunch time :) Talk you later!!

Saludos a todos, hoy en un dia mas aqui en Edmonton. La temperatura esta mejor y yo pienso que la nieve va diriter pronto!! Pero, en realidad vivimos en Edmonton, la nieve se va quedar hasta Abril...MI CUMPLEANO!!!
Aqui estoy en el trabajo, contenta con la compania de mi companera de trabajo, comiendo una cosa con queso de Libano. Si usted mi conocen, yo como cada cosa con queso y pan. Sabiendo que no es la mejor cosa para mi salud, yo a probarlo.
Pregunta para todos. Yo se que los que los buses coren con horario. Pero cuando ellos estan atrasado, no hacen nada, pero si los ninos estan atrasado, ellos se van!!! Yo entiendo que los ninos tienen que estar alli en tiempo, pero si el bus lleja temprano tiene que esperar. Yo tengo ninos llamando mi casas diciendome que el bus esta aqui para mi hja, que estera!! Mi hija tiene come 3 minutos hasta se va el bus. Y se demore 5 segundos a llegar al paradero. Es tan dificil a esperar cuando llegan temprano que su horario? Y tambien, esta frio y refaloso afuera. ARGGH!! Eso es todo para la manana porque va ser liempo de almuerzo :) Nos vemos despues!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Blog every from a newbie blogger

Hello, well welcome to my crazy life. What a way to start a blog. I just up and said I'm starting a blog. Not sure if it will be important, fun or even remotely entertaining for anyome ... But it is my blog and its my crazy blog life I guess. I am sitting here on my couch, not doing anything at all!! I wanted to go to Wal - Mart and do some stocking stuffer shopping, but my daughter is doing homework. And in all reality, who wants to go shopping at Wal - Mart by themselves? And we all know that no man wants to wonder around looking at stuff he doesn't really care about. So, it is now 9 pm and I have nothing to do, so I am starting this blog. I hope this entery has made you want to read more about me and my crazy life. Enjoy and talk to you soon!!!

Hola, y bienvenido a mi vida loca. Que manera a empezar mi blog. Yo estaba aqui centada y dije, voy a ser un blog. No se si va ser importante, divertido or entretenimiento para cualquier persona .... pero es mi blog y mi vida loca. Aqui estoy sentando en el sofa, haciendo nada. Quice ir al Wal - Mart y comprar cosas para la navidad, pero mi hija esta haciendo tarea. Y en realidad, quien quere ir al Wal - Mart sola cierto? Y todo sabemos que los hombres no quieren ir vetrinando para nada. Bueno, son las 9 de la noche, y no hay nada para ser. Espero que le gustaron mi entrada y van a lear mas de mi vida loca. Goce y nos vemos pronto

- Claudia