Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breathing Problems

So, here is my new dilema. I have been having problems breathing for some time now. Well, actually one two nights and one day. Yesterday I had a heck of a time sleeping, mostly because I woke up sweating to death and gasping for air. But I would gasp for air after I pictured something bad happening. So the day before yesterday in the AM I walked North of 60. And it was the episode when Hannah had died. So I was sleeping and seeing Michelle in my sleep looking for Hannah and I would wake up suddenly gasping for air. Yesterday was the episode of the funeral. So I dreamt about Wayne and his mom and Hannah and I woke up gasping for air. Wierd huh? So then I had to go to my basement (one day at 1 am and the other day at 2 am) to try to get some sleep. Which I was able to do with no problems. Woke myself up and went to the bed to sleep and was out cold. But then it was almost time to get up!!! WTF!! Right? So what is going on! I talked to one of my nurses in my clinic and she suggested sleep apnea. But right now I am sitting at my desk and I feel like I am struggling to breath. I feel like my chest is not getting enough air, and my head is light headed. I don't know what is going on. Am I dying? So, naturally, I called my family doctor to get in to see someone. She isn't back until NEXT WEDNESDAY!! I'm like seriously. Then her next available is in JUNE!!! I either seriously have to see a doctor (or get a new one) or even go to emergency. But for something like this, I feel like it will pass. But what if it doesn't? Right? Oh dear, today or soon may be my day of death :( Just letting everone know is all. Hope you have a good day and a way better night then I did. Mind you if you live in Edmonton, I can't imagine having a better night then pure heat :) Haha. Talk to you later and have a good day.

Aquí está así, mi nuevo dilema. He estado teniendo los problemas que respiran durante un tiempo ahora. Bien, realmente una dos noches y un día. Ayer tuve un demonio de un tiempo que duerme, en su mayor parte porque yo me desperté sudar a la muerte y jadear para el aire. Pero jadearía para el aire después de que yo me imaginara algo acontecimiento malo. Entonces anteayer en el SOY anduve al norte de 60. Y fue el episodio cuando Hannah se había muerto. Entonces dormía y veía Michelle en mi sueño que busca Hannah y yo me despertaría de repente jadear para el aire. Ayer fue el episodio del funeral. Entonces soñé acerca de Wayne y su mamá y acerca de Hannah y yo se despertaron jadear para el aire. ¿Wierd qué? Entonces entonces tuve que ir a mi sótano (un día en 1 es y el otro día en 2 es) tratar de conseguir algún sueño. Cuál yo pude hacer con ningunos problemas. Me desperté arriba y fui a la cama para dormir y estuvo fuera el frío. ¡Pero entonces fue casi tiempo de levantarse!!! ¡WTF!! ¿El derecho? ¡Entonces lo que pasa! Hablé con uno de mis enfermeras en mi dispensario y ella sugirió la apnea de sueño. Pero en este momento yo me siento en mi escritorio y yo me siento como si lucho al aliento. Yo me siento como el pecho no consigue suficiente aire, y la cabeza es ligera dirigió. Yo no sé lo que pasa. ¿Me muero? Así, naturalmente, llamé a mi médico de cabecera para entrar para ver alguien. ¡Ella no es atrás hasta EL PROXIMO MIERCOLES!! Estoy como gravemente. ¡Entonces su próximo disponible está en junio!!! Yo o tiene gravemente que ver a un médico (o conseguir uno nuevo) o ir aún a la emergencia. Pero para algo como esto, yo me siento como si pasará. ¿Pero qué si no hace? ¿El derecho? Ay, hoy o pronto puede ser mi día de la muerte: (permitiendo Justo que everone sabe es todo. Espere que tenga un día bueno y una manera mejor noche entonces yo hice. Tenga inconveniente enle si vive en Edmonton, yo no puedo imaginarme teniendo una mejor noche calor entonces puro:) Haha. Hable con usted posterior y tenga un día bueno.


  1. It could be anxiety. Worrying about death, whether your own or a TV character, could lead to anxiety issues. Hyperventilating can be apart of that. It could be brought on by normal day to day stress (work, life, kids, etc) but then triggered by something like images or thought of death or dying.

  2. Yeah, see I was worried about anxiety too. I was watching the seaon finale of House when he had to climb under that rock thing and I started to hyperventalate like i was there and I couldn't get out. It totally took over my body :( Scary too. But now for the past two nights, and today all day, I am having problems. I am seeing a doctor today. Can they prescribe something for this very very uneasy feeling?

  3. Yay there are plenty of Anti-Anxiety medications but there is also therapy and trying to find out what may be causing the anxiety. It could just be temporary, especially since it just started recently for you. It may go away just as quickly as it came. Hard to say.


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