Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mommy's Day!

So this is it. This weekend is mothers day. This is the day that we show our mommies that we love them. My boyfriend once told me that he wishes our daughter grows up to be at least half the women I am. It made me instantly cry. Why? I hope that she does pick up my positive traits, but I also hope she doesn’t pick up my negative ones! I love my daughter to death, but do we really need a miniature Claudia in this world? Seriously!

I love my mom and she is an awesome person.

She is sweet, loving, caring and really understanding.
She knows the right thing to say at the right time and knows how to wipe your tears away.
I love when she comes and visits and sleeps over.
She sits on my couch and I lay my head on her and she rubs my head, just like when I was a child.
I love the way the she laughs and smiles. How when she laughs she covers her mouth.
The way that she has a positive attitude for everything.
The way that she can pick me up and make me smile over the phone.
The way that she can talk endlessly to her friends on the phone, and even longer with me.
The way that always tells me if I honestly look good in what I am wearing or not
The way she looks at me as a mother.
The way that cooks, and fills the house full of yummy food smell.
The way that she can joke with me and we both know our limits.
The way that she gets teary eyed about talking about when she was young.
The way her eyes light up over the phone when I tell her I’m picking her up for coffee
The way that she Is perfect in every way

And I hope that these are even some of the reasons that make me a good mother to my daughter.

I love you mom and I hope this Sunday is filled with love, laughter, hugs and kisses.

A Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers out there!


  1. I thought we already had a miniature!

  2. Haha, funny. Well do we need THREE miniature Claudia's? REally?
    haha. :) Your very funny Shannon :)


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