Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It was great!!!

Well, I did it! And it turned out so good!! I am super excited and I even bought a few more to keep at home if I want some more.  

What am I talking about? The Korma sauce I recently bought.  I didn't know how to cook it, so I asked around.   First I cooked the chicken.  Once that was done I added in my vegetables and seasoning.  I choose broccoli, onions and some salt.  I cooked it together added some water.  Once that was finished I went and added the sauce.  I served it with plain white rice.  It served and ate it.  It was DELICIOUS!  I loved it and happy that I tried something new.  I will definitely have to cook it for my brother when he comes back from out of town.  It was great and I am happy about my turn out.  

I am also very excited that the long weekend is coming soon.  I will be off Monday, because of the weekend.  It is mixed emotions right now.  Mostly because every Canada Day we would spend it at my mom’s place.  We would go downtown and stay at my mom’s apartment and go for pancake breakfast in the morning. Then we would go back to the apartment and sleep for a bit and hit the legislative grounds.  Then at night we would watch the fireworks.  So this year, I am going camping with my daughter. I am changing it up so I do not have to think too much.  We are going to a new location and going to check it out.  Hopefully it turns out good and the weather co-operates.  We will see.  Here is to wishing us luck.

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