Monday, December 12, 2011

Just another day for me

Well, I am on lunch right now and as promised, I am here :) 

I was a bit tired today and slept in.  Even though I know I was supposed to wake up early in order to get the crock pot food ready for today.  Instead I have decided on having my child make dinner at home.  She knows how to and don’t worry I am over the "Will she burn the house down stage".  Ha ha.  I know she won't.  I am going to the gym today though.  I have my gym stuff in my bag and ready to go after work.  It make feel like a long day at the end, but I will be happy I went to the gym.  Now to find a gym partner. Ha ha.  And to try to work out for more than an hours. one of my best friends is in BC for a week, so not only am I not able to see my mommy, but now I can't even see my friend till Saturday.  Which is LADIES night at my place.  Whoot whoot.  I am hoping I get responses soon, or else it will be just me and some martinis.  Ha ha.  Was hoping my girl friend from Cold Lake was going to be in town, but doesn't look like it :(  But I know she will be there for New Year’s :)

So my child today woke up with less of an attitude.  THANK GOODNESS!  I knew she would, but it was nice to actually see it.  Now for her not to get into trouble today is a whole different story.  But we will see.  I am done my Christmas gifts, and done my stocking stuffers.  Oh wait, I only have two gifts to get, but I know what they are and where I can get them.  I am done my friends and family.  I am proud to say I have  not gone overboard.  Have you?  I think my craziest year was probably last year.  I have now tamed it down a lot, and hard now that my kid is a teenager.  Barbie’s and ponies will not due anymore.  And it sucks, because I love looking at them in the store. Then I just walk away sighing. 

I told my boyfriend and child that I need some Toy Story 3 stuffies for my collection.  So I will need to go ahead and modify my list today :) (watched all three movies this weekend.)  I love Woody.  He is my favorite. 

Well, I am going to check out some other stuff and will let you know how my evening went tomorrow, if anything interesting has happened.  Feel free to comment and tell me if you went overboard on gifts this year? :)


  1. Welcome back to blogging! :) I did good on gifts this year...used tons of coupons, credit card points, and clearance racks to get good deals!

  2. Thank you Lacey, it has been a while. You are smart to use coupons. Never thought of that. I got lots on clearance rack for my kids, especailly with clothes, because she outgrows them too fast. I see your little one is growing up too. SHE IS ADORABLE!!! Congratulations again. :)

  3. welcome back to blogging :) Hope you have a good work out. I'd be your gym buddy but I work out from 1am - 2am in my apt building gym haha.
    When do you usually take break/lunch at work? I'm so close to the U of A hospital, we should meet for coffee or lunch one day (since I don't work till 1pm)

  4. Hey Shannon!! See, at least you work out, that is awesome!! I usually go to lunch at 12-1. I have an am break if i want to take it around 10:30 ish. We should totally meet up !!!
    Miss ya!!


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