Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Good Afternoon fellow bloggers. I am sad to say Chile is not doing as good as I had hoped. As you are aware Chile got hit with an earthquake hitting the Richter scale at 8.8 at in the early morning. I got the call from my uncle in Edmonton, trying to contact my mother, as well in Edmonton. I didn't know until he called, and I turned to channel 27 CNN and sure enough, there it was. My beautiful country in shambles. Rocks, house, dirt, sadness and tears. It was more heartbreaking to know that all my family is there and I can't do anything to help them. I tried calling for endless hours until finally I got a hold of my cousin on my dad's side around 1 pm. Everyone, immediate family, was safe. My brother got a hold of my mother’s side and everyone is fine there as well. The desperation to contact someone, anyone was tiring.
I looked on facebook to follow up with family to make sure everyone we can contact via facebook was ok. My grandmother on my mothers side was visiting family in the south of Chile. Except now she can't go home because all the train services and buses are not running. You can not get out of Chile or in! My mother's aunt is homeless, because her house is in shambles. She lives with about 4 other people and now they are literally living in the streets, because they don't have anywhere else to go. People are sleeping in their backyards afraid of the aftershocks. And because other people are breaking into the homes! Where are people to do? They are now resorting to violence. Looting. Looting from their own people! What is society coming to? First Hiati, Portugual and now Chile. Is it true is 2012 going to be the end of the world, the end of us? I'm scared to know what will happen and when.
Please be aware that the Red Cross is taking donation for helping Chile out. There are also other donation areas for helping out. Support from you is always appreciated no matter the denomination. Thank you very much.
A special prayer to family and friends in Chile. A special prayer to the families of the 795 people who did not survive this devastating disaster.

Buenas tardes bloggers prójimos. Soy aunque sea triste decirlo Chile no hace tan bueno como había esperado. Como usted está que Chile enterado fue golpeado con un sismo que golpea la escala Richter en 8,8 en la manana. Conseguí la llamada de mi tío en Edmonton, tratando de contactar mi madre, también en Edmonton. Yo no supe hasta que él llamara, y giré para acanalar 27 CNN y suficiente seguro, allí fue. Mi hermoso país en el desastre. Las piedras, la casa, la tierra, la tristeza y rompe. Fue más desgarrador saber que toda mi familia está allí y yo no puedo hacer nada ayudarlos. Traté el llamamiento por horas interminables hasta por último yo conseguí un asidero de mi primo en el lado de mi padre alrededor de 1 p.m. Todos, la familia más cerca, estuvo a salvo. Mi hermano consiguió un asidero del lado de mi madre y todos son finos allí también. La desesperación para contactar alguien, cualquiera se cansaba. Miré en el facebook para seguir con la familia para asegurarse todos que podemos contactar a través de facebook estuvo bien. Mi abuela en mi lado de madres visitaba la familia en el sur de Chile. Menos ahora ella no puede regresar a casa porque todos los servicio de trenes y los autobuses no corren. ¡Usted no puede salir de Chile ni en! La tía de mi madre es sin hogar, porque su casa está en el desastre. Ella vive con acerca de 4 otras personas y ahora ellos viven literalmente en las calles, porque ellos no tienen dondequiera ir más. Las personas duermen hasta tarde sus traspatios atemorizados de las réplicas. ¡Y porque otras personas rompen en los hogares! ¿Dónde están personas de hacer? Ellos ahora recurren a violencia. Saquear. ¡Saquear de sus propias personas! ¿A qué viene la sociedad? Primero Hiatos, Portugual y ahora Chile. ¿Es verdad es 2012 ir a es el fin del mundo, el fin de nosotros? Soy espantado de saber lo que sucederá y cuándo. Esté por favor enterado que la Cruz roja toma donativo para ayudar Chile fuera. Hay también otras áreas de donativo para ayudar. Apoye de usted siempre no es apreciado asunto la denominación. Gracias mucho. Una oración especial a la familia y amigos en Chile. Una oración especial a las familias de las 795 personas que no sobrevivieron este desastre devastador.


  1. I'm really sorry about the situation in Chile. I know what it's like to hear bad news from home, and that you're stuck far away without being able to do anything.

    How is your family doing right now, are things starting to get a bit better?

  2. Well, we were finally able to get a hold of my mom's grandma who lived in the farm lands of Chile. She is doing ok, but naturally not normal. She and my other family (mom's aunts) are currently homeless due to the earthquake. Their home is in ruins and they are now sleeping under trees. It breaks my heart to know that all I can do is help by sending money, but I would rather at the same time send myself. I know I am helpless in this situation, but it hurts so much. My one friend has just arrived from Chile coming home about two days ago. She is good too. All I can do is pray and hope it goes back to the way it was before this incident. Things are starting to go back to normal in Santiago, where the majority of my family is from.
    Thank you for asking. :)

  3. Let's hope everything gets back to normal soon. Big hugs to you too!


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