Friday, March 5, 2010

What a morning

So, this is my life. This is it. Nothing much happened today. Except I had a really really crappy morning. I bought some things from Ricki’s yesterday. I got this really cute yellow blouse for work and a dark navy blue sweater. I got a red and and black metal necklace (Really cute) and a dark cooper bracelet with stones in it. So I get up this morning, get in an argument with my daughter. She rolls her eyes at me, like always. Mumbles things aloud, like always. And my favorite, huffs and puffs! So whatever! I get dressed and I am not at all happy with the blue sweater. Why? I actually feel really fat in it. It is cute, but I really can’t wear dark blue really well. So then I take it off and keep my yellow blouse with my jean skirt. I put on my red necklace and notice it is missing a GEM!!! Can my morning get any better? So I go to work, and sure enough, I take off my jacket and I feel so fat. I am starting not to like my yellow blouse, but loving it at the same time. So I am going to go to West Edmonton Mall today, and return the blue sweater I just bought yesterday, and exchange the necklace with on that is not missing the gem. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I bought two new outfits for my little build a bear!! So adorable!! I will include the pictures of my purchase below. Hope you enjoyed my day as I did not!! Ha ha ha.

Así, esto es mi vida. Esto es lo. Sucedió poco hoy. Menos tuvo una mañana realmente realmente mala. Compré algunas cosas del ayer de Ricki. Conseguí esta blusa amarilla realmente mona para el trabajo y un suéter azul marino oscuro. Conseguí un collar rojo y y negro metálico (Realmente mono) y una pulsera oscura de tonelero con piedras en ello. Tan yo me levanto esta mañana, entro un argumento con mi hija. Ella pone los ojos en blanco en mí, como siempre. Dice entre dientes cosas en voz alta, como siempre. ¡Y mi favorito, los arranques de furia y sopla! ¡Tan cualquier! Soy vestido y soy nada en absoluto feliz con el suéter azul. ¿Por qué? Yo me siento realmente realmente gordo en ello. Es mono, pero yo realmente no puedo llevar azul oscuro realmente bien. Tan entonces yo lo saco y mantengo mi blusa amarilla con mis Jean ladea. ¡Pongo el collar rojo y advierto que pierde una GEMA!!! ¿Puede conseguir mi mañana cualquiera mejor? Tan voy a trabajar, y suficiente seguro, saco la chaqueta y yo me siento tan gordo. Comienzo a no querer mi blusa amarilla, pero lo adorando al mismo tiempo. Tan iré a Edmonton Paseo Occidental hoy, y regresaré el suéter azul que acabo de comprar ayer, y cambio el collar con en que no pierde la gema. ¡Ah sí, yo me olvidé de mencionar que compré dos nuevos equipos para mi construye poco un oso!! ¡Tan adorable!! Incluiré las imágenes de mi compra abajo. ¡Espere que usted disfrutara de mi día como hice no!! Ah ah ah.


  1. Don't you just hate it when you have clothing you really like, but when you put them on you feel really fat! I feel your pain ^_^ .

    Good luck also with your daughter!

  2. I know!! It is so frustrating! I have lost about 25 pounds and now none of my clothes fit. So I go and buy new ones and I am still not happy. I know sometimes people have off days, but why when I just bought something nice and new!! Arghh. And thanks regarding my daughter. But i think parents to teenagers need manuals made for people like me. You can never win and an answer isn't EVER good enough!!! Don't I know it!! :P haha. Teenagers!! HAHA!!

  3. From what I've seen teenagers are never easy! We don't have children yet, but plan to start trying next year... It's still a bit scary though, it's a huge responsibility!

  4. OH it is a HUGE responsability!! But it is worth it. It does have its ups (the smiles, the laughter, the words that come out of their mouths) and the downs (the lies, stealing, talk back, eye rolling) . Haha.. i could go on with the bad...but i don't know how much you have :) Just kidding. My daughter has moments, but it is worth it to see her sleep in her bed at night, so silent, so pure, so perfect. :)

    I hope all works well for you guys next year!! how exciting!!


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