Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone!! I just wanted to apologize for the delay on my blog. Meant to write during my holidays, but I'm not going to lie you. I sat on my butt watching Criminal Minds and relaxing, and hardly cooking. My life was good. Until Monday, because I had to return to my regular routine. I am now happy to say I am using my “Lactose Intolerance” and “Biggest Loser” cookbooks. JSo, this morning wasn't a good morning for me. I had a rough morning with my daughter, which if you have children, you know it is hard. It makes me sad, because all I can think about it the argument and how the outcome could have been different. How we could have calmed down and thought about our words and actions. I guess all I can do right now is just learn and think before I act. Sometimes it makes me wonder, does everyone live the same life as me but just a wee different. I wonder what people’s routines are and if I were a fly on their wall, would I be like...hey, that is what I do. Because in reality, we probably have the same lifestyle as allot of people and don’t know it. Just something that came into my head.
Question for you guys....well really opinion from you guys....
If you had a friend and you were close to him/her, and you had a problem with them (attitude, behavior, or anything in general), if you confronted them, should they or would they be offended? Example: If this person made me feel hurt and I confronted them about it, should that person take offence to that? If they did is that right? And how would you tell them.

See I personally believe if that you are friends, you guys should be able to discuss anything and if there is a problem with you guys it shouldn't affect your relationship. That is what I think. But sometimes I won't lie, I am iffy to talk to some of my friends, because they can be offended. I know I might be if it is something I had no clue I was doing. But I get defensive and lighten up. This probably isn’t good either. But yeah. I just wanted to know. That is all. Thanks and have a great day!!!

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Sorry :(

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