Friday, December 18, 2009

This day is sure dragging!!!!

Well, here I am at work, just finished my lunch. I don't know what we are doing today. I know my daughter will be coming to my work after school. The bus ride isn't that long....only about 1 hour and 15 min. It is very suspensful for me though. Whenever she is running behind I start to panick and think, "Is everything ok?". Even though I know everything is fine, you really never know. There are ALOT of wierdo's out there. But yeah, maybe today we will play a game of some sort or watch a movie. I'm in the game playing mode right now. Maybe that will change when I get home. We have alot of board games. Maybe today should be laptop or computer games night so I can do a puzzle!!! Ha ha ha. Not selfish at all huh? I am going to see what the family thinks of that and see how far I can get away with that. Also I have to work out for about 30 minutes and then work my butt off next week when I am on holidays. That shouldn't be hard for me to do. Maybe I'll be able to get in two workouts a day instead of just one!! That would be great. Alright, now I am just boring people to death. Have a good one and hopefully I will write something thoughtful this weekend. Have a great warm and happy Friday afternoon, evening and night.

Bueno, aquí estoy en el trabajo, acaba de terminar mi almuerzo. No sé lo que estamos haciendo hoy. Sé que mi hija va a venir a mi trabajo después de la escuela. El viaje en autobús no es tan largo .... sólo 1 hora y 15 min. Es muy suspensful para mí, sin embargo. Cada vez esta atrasada mi preocupo y pienso, "está bien todo?". Aunque sé que todo está bien, uno nunca sabe. Hay una gran cantidad de locos en este mundo. Pero sí, tal vez hoy vamos a jugar a un juego o ver una película. Estoy en el juego de modo ahora. Tal vez eso va a cambiar cuando llegue a casa. Tenemos un montón de juegos de mesa. Tal vez hoy debe ser un dia de jugar en los computadores para que puedo hacer un puzzle! Ja ja ja. No es egoísta en absoluto ¿eh? Voy a ver lo que la familia piensa. También tengo que ser excersisio para 30 minutos y ser mas la próxima semana cuando estoy de vacaciones. Eso no debería ser difícil para mí. Tal vez yo a pueder ser excersisio dos veses en el dial, una en la manana y una en la tarde. Muy bien, ahora estoy aburrido y no estoy hablando de algo de importancia. Espero que escribio mas durante el fin de semana. Que todos tienen un buen Viernes por la tarde y noche. Nos vemos.

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  1. IT'S FRIDAY BABY YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I hope your daughter came to your office safe and sound! What a good feeling when a person that you love arrives safe and sound. It is okay for a mother to worry and it shows that she cares like you truly do... :D so you like games huh? you should try taboo or mad gab :D those games rock!!! :D games are always fun to play when it is cold outside. I love doing crosswords myself and playing games online is always fun as well. It is also fun when you play it in front of a warm fire with people you love :D sounds cheesy but you know what i mean :F


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