Thursday, December 17, 2009


Is a friendship worth saving?

When you see your friends and spend time with them, you understand each and you get to know each other better. But why do you need a reminder of who your real friends are? Why do we friends need to be tested by other friends to know that we care? Isn’t our friendship and the time we spend with you not good enough anymore? I am wondering why we emphasis more on wondering who our true friends are instead of spending time with them. I understand that there is really only so much you can do as a friend to others, but you cannot dwell on wondering who your real friends are. You will know who your true friends are when you need them the most. Those who are there for you with no questions asked are the ones that you want to keep as friends, and the ones that “ummm” and “ahhhh” and have every excuse in the books are the ones that you need to let go of. Don’t get me wrong, it is easier said then done. I have had a lot of friends in my pathetic 20 something years of life, and I have lost some as well. I have those friends that I would do anything and everything for and I have those friends that I love having coffee and chatting with. You choose your friends not your family. And thank god I have the best family in the world. You guys know who they are :) I would love to know everyone's opinion on my discussion. Thank you.

Vale la pena a salvar tu relation con tu amigos?

Cuando que usted veas y gasta tiemp con sus amigos, usted los entienden y los conocen mas y mas. Pero porque piensen que tienes que estar recordando cual son tus mejores amigos? Porque tenemos que probar nuesto relationes? No es suficiente que gastamos timepo juntos? Porque tenemos que emphesar cual son nuestros mejor amigos. Yo entinedo que solament hay un limitada de cosas hacer como un amigo, pero no puede sigir pensando en tonteras. Los amigos que estan alli para usted sin preguntas so los que tu queres por tu lado. Los que tienen excusas a no alludar or estan lleno de “ummm” o “ahhh” son los que no nesistamos en la vida. Yo entiendo que es mas facil a decir esto de que hacerlo. Yo he tenido artas amistaded en mi 20 anos de mi vida, y he perdido arots tambien. Yo tengo esos amigos que yo aria cualquera cosa para, y tengo esos que tomo cafe con. Usted elijes tus amistades no tu familia. Y gracias a dio que yo tengo la mejor familia en el mundo!! Ustes saben quen usted son!! :) Mi encantara a saber sus opiniones en este discusion.


  1. Claudia what the F@#%!u know that u can still have freinds even if u dont do anything with them espically if u spend 5 days a week 7hours a day with them I consider us freinds even if we dont do stuff outside of work. We have our ups and downs we have gone to hell and back and survived and still have love and respect for each other thats my feelings on things I know who my freinds are and no one needs to tell me GirlFreind! I enjoy having Lunch With u and consider u a very good freind I love ur Family u are awesome just calm down ok ok ok ok -love Tiffany:)

  2. I'll show you calm graffiti blogger!!! I'm going to harrass you more and more each day just to make sure you remember that I don't want to be your friend you Blogger bully!! !hhaha
    SEE..perfect example. I don't need to spend time outside of work with you to consider you a friend right? I don't need your reminders..i know i'm your friend punk!! alright. I'm outty and Tiffany stop picking on me..don't make me ........-claudia

  3. very good topic... :D I have had some good friends disappear from the face of the earth and it made room for new ones. :D Have u ever heard that saying friends come and go and they teach you things while they are around. With every friend that i have had in my life i have learned something from them.. Whether it be getting me out of my shy shell cause you all know that i m shy and quiet at first and then once you get to know me WATCH OUT HAHHAH... u would wish I would just shut up hahahhah then i do crazy things like wave to strangers at specific venues cause i think they r waving at me hahahah and then apparently i have some sayings that i say a lot and then the friends start counting how many times i say a specific word man that makes me feel special... >:D


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