Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Blog every from a newbie blogger

Hello, well welcome to my crazy life. What a way to start a blog. I just up and said I'm starting a blog. Not sure if it will be important, fun or even remotely entertaining for anyome ... But it is my blog and its my crazy blog life I guess. I am sitting here on my couch, not doing anything at all!! I wanted to go to Wal - Mart and do some stocking stuffer shopping, but my daughter is doing homework. And in all reality, who wants to go shopping at Wal - Mart by themselves? And we all know that no man wants to wonder around looking at stuff he doesn't really care about. So, it is now 9 pm and I have nothing to do, so I am starting this blog. I hope this entery has made you want to read more about me and my crazy life. Enjoy and talk to you soon!!!

Hola, y bienvenido a mi vida loca. Que manera a empezar mi blog. Yo estaba aqui centada y dije, voy a ser un blog. No se si va ser importante, divertido or entretenimiento para cualquier persona .... pero es mi blog y mi vida loca. Aqui estoy sentando en el sofa, haciendo nada. Quice ir al Wal - Mart y comprar cosas para la navidad, pero mi hija esta haciendo tarea. Y en realidad, quien quere ir al Wal - Mart sola cierto? Y todo sabemos que los hombres no quieren ir vetrinando para nada. Bueno, son las 9 de la noche, y no hay nada para ser. Espero que le gustaron mi entrada y van a lear mas de mi vida loca. Goce y nos vemos pronto

- Claudia


  1. Clauuudia u are making me write this again loser:) anyways what i said was that our bus driver always gives a 5 minute grace period just in case the child is running behind. and also Walmart is a great place to spend time with our spouses espically if it is for them .Any ways blog to u later-----------TKY:)

  2. Are you kidding me!!! how many people can honestly say that their spouse would like to shop with them at Wal - Mart?? especially in the month of December. Come on people.. put your votes in!!! - me.. - 0 -- Claudia


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